4 Ways Your Power of Estimation Can Help You Win a Rummy Game

You can win a game of rummy if you apply the right strategies, techniques, and use your analysing skills to trick the opponent, and understand who is leading the board. In an online rummy game, you need to put your power of estimation to the best use. Once you are able to read the hand of the opponent by noticing his moves and game-play, you can easily manipulate him into giving you a card you require.

There are few other ways you can assess a rummy game and emerge a winner.

  1. Analyze Your Hand

After the distribution of rummy cards, you need to draw an analysis of your hand. Did you get any printed or wildcard Joker? Did you get more of related cards or unrelated cards? How many high value cards did you receive? After reviewing the cards, you will be able to estimate the number of turns to play to form a valid hand. It will give you an idea that you have a good or a bad hand.

In rummy, a bad hand can mean higher chances of losing the game. If you decide to quit the game then, do it early. If you quit after the first two turns, then you will lose a lot of points. So, quit at the start of the game, if you want.

However, if you plan to stay in the ongoing Indian rummy game despite a bad hand, then you need to replace the unrelated cards with closely related ones to increase the chances of making a pure sequence and impure sequence/set.

For instance, you have 4 of Heart and 7 of Club. You may want to replace 7 of Club with 5 of Heart, so that when you get 3 or 6 of Heart, you will be able to complete a pure sequence.

  1. Black and Red Coloured Cards

You have to be alert when you play rummy online, because your concentration will make a difference between a win and a defeat. You can easily guess the number of red or black coloured cards available in the deck or with the opponent as the game progresses. For instance, if you receive more than 9 cards of red colour, it is possible that the rival has more of black coloured cards.

Or while playing online rummy, you notice a rival discarding cards frequently of a particular colour, it may reveal the kind of cards he has. Perhaps he is tricking you to throw a related card, or perhaps he really does not need any card related to the one discarded. You can shape your gaming strategy based on the colour of cards picked and discarded by opponent.

Sometimes, it is wiser to hold a card you think the opponent needs. But to estimate that you have to carefully observe the moves of your opponent and stay on top of the game.

  1. Count the Jokers

Every deck has one printed Joker card. Besides that, a random card is picked from the closed deck, which is the wildcard Joker. Cards of the same face value/number can be used as wildcard Joker in the game. A deck of card contains 52 cards. So, if the game uses a deck of card, then there will be one printed Joker, and 3 wild Jokers, excluding the one already selected as a Joker. Thus a total of 4 Jokers will be able available.

So, if you get 2 Jokers as per rummy rules, there is a possibility that the other two are either in the closed deck or with the opponent. This way you can assume the number of Jokers available for you and the rival. A Joker can replace a missing card required to make a set or sequence. It is a card of potential and very important if you want to win.

  1. Who Will Declare the Game?

After taking all the efforts to evaluate the game, it boils down to who will declare the game first. Whoever makes a valid declare will be the winner of the game. You can determine the winner by noticing minute details. For instance, if a player is picking too many cards from the open deck, it can reveal that the rival is either changing his hand or getting the cards he needs to form a valid hand.

So are you prepared for an ultimate rummy online play this time around? Use the above-given tricks to estimate the cards of opponents and download rummy app to enjoy the card game.